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Pomera Digital Notebook – Greatest NaNoWriMo Tool Ever

December 3, 2009 Leave a comment

With NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month for those that don’t know) come and gone again I fell short on my first effort by about 10,000 words. 40,000 was a respectable effort for me and unquestionably far more than I have ever churned out in a 30 day period before. I’m blaming my failure on not having this awesome device from the fine people at Pomera.

There are times when you want a versatile device that can run HD video, browse the web, Tweet, update your blog, etc…. Then there are times when you want something that absolutely cannot do any of those things as you are massively ADD and will try to do all of those things simultaneously while you are supposed to just be writing.

This device is perfectly suited for those times. It’s like dragging a copy of Writeroom (a great piece of software if you don’t have it) with you wherever you go, only better. As good as Writeroom is at removing the distractions normally found on your laptop/netbook this thing actually completely removes all temptation as it simply has no other functionality beyond typing. As the blog title suggests I am normally one to advocate for the latest and greatest in everything, but this is one occasion where the limitations of this throwback device are exactly what make it a winner.

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