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The Google Phone

December 12, 2009 1 comment

Chances are you have seen that some Googlers’ were tweeting about the rumored Google Phone at their last meeting of the year. Descriptions vary from simply “beautiful” to “A sexy beast. Like an iPhone on beautifying steroids.” Beyond the vague praise the only real information among all the tweets was that the phone is made by HTC, unlocked, runs Android 2.1, has animated home screen backgrounds and is due out in January. Hmm…does that sound a bit like something else we’ve heard about?

Now unlocked means that this thing is most likely GSM and so sadly not precisely what is coming to Verizon, but if you recall from the leaked HTC codenames in the 2.1 ROM there is both a HTC Passion and a HTC PassionC. Based on some of the existing device code names with “C”s next to them it was deduced that it probably stands for CDMA. If Google is really making a play at having the top dog Android phone out there would be no reason for them to limit it to one or the other. Here’s hoping come January no one is left out in the cold on this “sexy beast”.

It sounds like more info will hit the intertubes in relatively short order so stay tuned.

Update: TechCrunch is speculating that this will be a direct sell from Google as an unlocked GSM device. That would definitely preclude Verizon from getting in on the party. I still am holding out hope that this is just a slightly spun version of the Passion and that we will be getting the same tech on Verizon. I personally think that the posting on Google Blog points to testing of a high level new device, but a similar process went on with the Droid prior to release, so I’m not entirely sold on TC’s theory yet.


Google Phone – WTF?

November 18, 2009 3 comments

Alright seriously Google, now you’re just trying to get a rise out of me right?

I just got done coming to terms with waiting until mid-December for the HTC Passion release and now you have to go and do something like this. Like the holidays aren’t stressful enough.

Here, in no particular order, is why I’m not going to take this seriously and my decision is going to be made in December based on the Passion versus the Droid.

  • Google hasn’t said a peep about it and have in fact said quite definitively that such a product would not exist within the last few weeks.
  • Chances are even if something like this did release in the next few months it would not be on Verizon. (Although if this thing comes out for AT&T I may actually be physically ill as I’m going to have to hear about their having both the iPhone and the gPhone.)
  • Even if Google is basically dictating everything under the sun on this device, so what? I don’t know what about that would make it any better than what’s coming out of Motorola or HTC.
  • The alleged partnership is with LG, not that they are bad, but I’ve had LG phones and meh is what think of them creating my high end smartphone.
  • Honestly I’m just tired of waiting, at some point you have to bite the bullet and make your move and play the cards your dealt and dance with the one that brung’ you and etc….

Alright, I’m the calm center of the universe again and I’m going to go back to trolling for Passion news.

What about the rest of you, are you biting?

Update: TechCrunch is reporting that the phone may be purely data driven using VOIP for voice duty and they are sticking with AT&T or T-Mobile as the carrier. If that actually proves to be true I really will be at peace with the device as AT&T in the middle portion of the country where I live and would leave the gPhone little more than a glorified paperweight anytime I left wifi.

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