Chrome OS – The Birth of the Couchputer

November 20, 2009 Leave a comment

Prototype versions of the CrunchpadFinally an OS that will make my dream couchputer a reality. All the pieces are falling into place for the CrunchPad or something like it to hit the market and make a killing (well more likely just fill a niche, but don’t kill by buzz).

Right now when I’m sitting on the couch or if I’m puttering about in the kitchen I either keep my BlackBerry or my laptop on me. They each have their failings when trying to meet my needs/wants in either of these situations.

My BlackBerry is great (that’s right daddy loves you, now earmuffs for a second), but frankly I would rather be able to just set it down and let it charge when I get home. The screen is great for on-the-go access to all of my email, Facebook, Twitter and basic web browsing needs. However, it just cannot replace a more full-sized screen and fully featured browser.

My Macbook is a fantastic computer (no I didn’t forget about you, earmuffs like your little brother now), but it is too cumbersome and just plainly overkill for the light surfing, hulu’ing, social networking and emailing I’m looking for while lounging around or making some concoction in the kitchen.

Enter Chrome OS:

Google has cut out a lot of the superfluous crap that I don’t need for a secondary computer that basically lives its entire life in my house. If they can pair this with a solidly implemented but relatively inexpensive piece of touchscreen hardware (e.g., the CrunchPad) I think they are going to have a real winner. You have an “instant” on OS that does the constant updates we have grown to love on our smartphones, while also providing a fully realized browser experience.

I know this isn’t their expressed target market and that the netbook audience is probably a much bigger piece of pie to go after for them, but I just don’t see this gaining general adoption there. I think too many people will lack faith in the cloud as their central repository for all of their data and will shy away from it in favor of Windows 7 in the same way that netbook users almost uniformly chose an 8-year-old OS in Windows XP over Linux.

There is really nothing else in the niche I’m talking about right now, it’s almost the exact reason that Arrington got to building the CrunchPad in the first place, and Chrome could absolutely own whatever market is there. I think the only real question is whether this imagined couchputing market/audience really exists, if they are in fact out there I think this OS coupled with either the CrunchPad or something like it is going to scratch them right where they itch.

What do you think?

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Google Phone – WTF?

November 18, 2009 3 comments

Alright seriously Google, now you’re just trying to get a rise out of me right?

I just got done coming to terms with waiting until mid-December for the HTC Passion release and now you have to go and do something like this. Like the holidays aren’t stressful enough.

Here, in no particular order, is why I’m not going to take this seriously and my decision is going to be made in December based on the Passion versus the Droid.

  • Google hasn’t said a peep about it and have in fact said quite definitively that such a product would not exist within the last few weeks.
  • Chances are even if something like this did release in the next few months it would not be on Verizon. (Although if this thing comes out for AT&T I may actually be physically ill as I’m going to have to hear about their having both the iPhone and the gPhone.)
  • Even if Google is basically dictating everything under the sun on this device, so what? I don’t know what about that would make it any better than what’s coming out of Motorola or HTC.
  • The alleged partnership is with LG, not that they are bad, but I’ve had LG phones and meh is what think of them creating my high end smartphone.
  • Honestly I’m just tired of waiting, at some point you have to bite the bullet and make your move and play the cards your dealt and dance with the one that brung’ you and etc….

Alright, I’m the calm center of the universe again and I’m going to go back to trolling for Passion news.

What about the rest of you, are you biting?

Update: TechCrunch is reporting that the phone may be purely data driven using VOIP for voice duty and they are sticking with AT&T or T-Mobile as the carrier. If that actually proves to be true I really will be at peace with the device as AT&T in the middle portion of the country where I live and would leave the gPhone little more than a glorified paperweight anytime I left wifi.

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HTC Passion

November 16, 2009 9 comments

I’ve been following and coveting the Motorola Tao/Sholes/Droid since the first renders from Russia (spasiba tovarisch) popped up on Boy Genius Report this summer. It’s enormous “HD” screen, speedy processor, physical keyboard, Android OS and the fact that Motorola put most if not all of its eggs in this basket meant that this device was going to be something to reckon with. The release has been solid and the reviews have been pretty glowing.

HTC Passion Android HandsetAlright so what’s with the title of the post. Well there has been a shadow cast on the Droid since mid-October by the HTC Dragon/Passion. Some of the same temptations that first drew me to the Droid are now pulling me to the Passion, the screen is rumored to be anywhere from 3.7-4.3″ and then there is the Snapdragon processor helping things chug along at up to 1 GHz. Who knows what that will translate into as far as real world experience, but those specs are hard to ignore. I’ve used several HTC devices in the past and have always found them solid and reliable, whereas Motorola has been in a tight downward spiral since late 2006. HTC also has the much vaunted Sense UI, but in the end it’s just a skin which means less to me on an Android phone than it did when they were using TouchFlo to cover the hot mess that was Windows Mobile 6.0.

Honestly the most difficult part of all this is that as a Verizon user I have become far too accustomed to having absolutely no worthwhile device choices at all and suddenly here is this embarrassment of riches. So here I sit, waiting for the next flurry of insider information to drop about HTC’s little December surprise and hopefully something about it will inspire me to take action one way or the other. But then again by late December we’ll be closing on Q1 2010 which brings into play the Motorola Sholes Tablet.

Damn you Verizon! You’ve got HTC and Motorola lined up on either side of me like Scylla and Charybdis. Where the hell is Hera when I need her?

Any other current or potential Verizon customers suffering from visions of buyers remorse dancing in their heads?

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Your Kindle!

November 14, 2009 3 comments

Alright this isn’t exactly what I intended for my second post, but I stumbled upon this contest the other day and it is pretty exciting. There will be at least one and possibly fifteen total chances to win a shiny and new Amazon Kindle 2. In the interest of full disclosure I have entered myself, but please don’t let that dissuade you from clicking the image to the left and entering yourself. After all my mick luck can only hold out for so long and there potentially plenty to go around anyway.

The chick that runs the site is a fellow midwesterner and runs a very solid blog if you enjoy reading, which I do when not loitering about the internet drooling over the various gadgets I never realized I absolutely had to have. So go ahead and click on the sweet kitty to your left to enter the contest, there’s about seven potential ways to earn entries, and then take a spin around Bibliofreakblog.

Now that I have sated my hunger for contests for the time being I will turn to updating the blog in earnest.

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My Nook!

November 4, 2009 Leave a comment

Picture of the Barnes and Noble NookAgainst all odds, or more accurately a 1 in roughly 250 shot based on the number of entries I could see in the contest, I have won a Barnes and Noble Nook to be sent by expedited delivery as soon as they are available for purchase. Doesn’t sound that unlikely written that way, but I haven’t been lucky in such contests before so it seems miraculous enough to me.

I had already been following the early news via reports on Engadget and CrunchGear, but I’m now redoubling my efforts to learn everything I can in advance of its delivery. My first round of searches turned up the B&N book clubs forums and the Nook Boards.

I’m going to use this win as my springboard to get into blogging in the way that I have intended to for the last couple months. My goal is to update this site at least every other day with some tech related news.

Hello World!

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